how it all began


The product was developed by Nick Thanos in 1990. He and his wife Mary were competitive trap shooters, and attended local and out-of-state competitions. To occupy time between events, they started a business vending and selling trap guns, reloading components, and supplies. One of the products they sold was a common gun cleaner that later went out of business and was no longer available.

As a specialty high-end coatings contractor, Nick had extensive knowledge of coatings and the related high-end solvents used in them. Having those solvents in his warehouse, he decided to put his chemistry knowledge to use to develop his own brand of gun cleaner. He experimented with blends of solvents that he thought would help remove the dreaded plastic wad build up and fouling of the powder residue.

After many months of trial and error experiments, he settled on a formula that he found would do the trick. He started out by giving it to his friends to try for their feedback. They all liked it and wanted to buy it from him. The only small complaint was the odor from the solvent blend required to do the job. So working with the chemist where he got his products, they were eventually able to come up with a masking deodorizer to minimize the smell of the specialty blend.

Over the years, he improved the product to be used in all guns such as pistols and rifles and all small arms, including muzzle loaders.

The product name actually came from one of the customers. While demonstrating the cleaner at the Wisconsin State Shoot in 1991, a customer who saw the strings of plastic hanging out of the muzzle of his over and under said, “Wow, that’s some really good shit”. As a joke, the next day he made a label for the bottle that said just that.

As it turned out, everyone wanted the bottle that said Really Good Shit; and not the original name, which had been Ultimate Bore Stripper.

After that, the rest is history. The product quickly became the number one gun cleaner preferred by shotgun owners. To this day, no one who has used it switches to anything else.