RGS Bore Stripper and Universal firearms cleaner

Whether you are a sport shooter, a hunter, military personnel, a police officer, or a re-enactment buff, this product is essential to the proper care of your firearms.

Over the years, the product has been refined to easily and effectively clean hand guns, shotguns, rifles, and black powder weapons. RGS completely removes plastic wad build-up, powder residue, and fouling from the barrel, porting holes, choke tubes, and forcing cones. RGS blasts away old grease and oil from hinge lugs, receiver, and trigger parts.

RGS is strictly petroleum based and contains no acids or caustics which may harm the finish or bluing on firearms. It contains a high-pressure mineral oil to lightly lubricate the bore and trigger parts to reduce friction.

RGS bottles contain a full 8oz. of actual cleaner. Because of the squeeze bottle design, there is no propellant in the container. By contrast, spray cans only have about 4-6 oz. of cleaner. RGS comes with a convenient flip-up spout dispensing cap.


Squirt into chamber and barrel. Roll barrel to distribute solvent throughout 3-4 strokes with bore brush. Finish with clean patch. Leaves a protective oil film to lubricate barrel and metal parts. Heavy buildup (such as chokes and forcing cones) may require more than one application.

*May affect some stock finishes (such as oil finish stocks) if left in contact. Wipe clean. Short term contact does not affect most varnished stocks.


Petroleum distillates

Danger – extremely flammable – contains petroleum distillates

Do not use or store near heat, sparks or open flame